You are (thinking about) studying mathematics or have a background related to natural sciences? You are sometimes struggling in this male dominated area? You are doubting if you are good enough, clever enough and courageous enough to achieve what others seem to easily achieve in their careers?

Be our guest, we and many others have been there and we feel you. By sharing stories of other women in mathematics we want to encourage you and pass on the support we have received from role models, among others, at different moments in our lives.

Here you can find stories about women pursuing their careers in mathematical jobs to show you the endless possibilities of maths.

Our aim is to provide a platform that is informative, non-judgemental, honest, motivating and enjoyable. We hope you’ll learn about women in STEM in a way that we would have loved to when we were in school or at the beginning of our studies. Last but not least, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact section.



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