We at Her Maths Story believe in encouraging and empowering self-identifying women to pursue careers in mathematics and beyond. Historically, representation of women in STEM and particularly mathematics has been quite poor, recently more so due to the lack of a multitude of women role models. We want to showcase the variety of careers, non-linear paths and individual decision-making processes to inspire women in different stages of their lives.

We are women mathematicians that want to empower young women through stories and blog entries to pursue studies and careers in maths, spark their curiosity and transmit enthusiasm for technical subjects. The idea to create a platform like Her Maths Story developed steadily by swapping ideas among a group of friends & colleagues working in the field of applied mathematics. Most of us studied together in Germany or got to know each other later on during the PhD. We spread all over the world and each one of us made her own unique experiences, where we found that we faced common challenges and identified similar problems and opportunities.

Our aim is to provide a platform that is informative, non-judgemental, honest, motivating and enjoyable. We hope you’ll learn about women in STEM in a way that we would have loved to when we were in school or at the beginning of our studies. Last but not least, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact section.


Joana Grah
PhD Applied Mathematics
Research Associate in the Image Analysis Group at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Public Health Research, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany
Mathematical Focus. Mathematical Imaging, Machine Learning, Variational Methods, Sparse Regularisation, Applications in Public Health and Biomedical Sciences.
Role at HMS. Co-Founder, Coordinator, Stories, Social Media, Website, Networking.

Website · Twitter · Mastodon · LinkedIn

Julia Kroos
PhD Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematical Focus. Mathematical and Statistical Methods, Data Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques with Applications in Medicine and Bioinformatics.
Role at HMS. Co-Founder, Coordinator, Stories, Social Media, Website, Networking.



Tamara Grossmann (co-founder, active member 2020-2022)

Kaitlyn Louth (social media associate 2022-2023)


Theresa Stocks for being one of the initiators of this project and developing the main ideas for Her Maths Story together with us.

EWM – European Women in Mathematics for your continued support from the beginning when Her Maths Story was only an idea and in its infancy. We believe it is important to be connected to other women in mathematics organisations, so check out their website for more content on women and maths and so much more.

Jakob Wrobel for helping us set up this website and answering all our wordpress questions patiently.

Photo credits for our cover picture go to Raúl Nistal Riobello.